Lcube is led by finance, technology and operations executives with decades of experience in both large and small companies across a variety of industries. Entrepreneurs themselves, the founders of Lcube understand the challenges CEOs and CFOs of small and mid-size companies face stretching their resources to better serve their customers and sustain their growth and profitability. They packaged their experience to increase the effectiveness and reduce the costs of financial and technology management for small and mid-size companies.

Myles Lambert – Co-Founder

Myles has over 30 years of experience in operation and finance advising companies in a variety of industries including retail, logistics and consumer services. Myles serves as interim and/or part-time CFO.

Prior to Lcube, Myles founded Certified Back Office Solutions, LLC providing back office services to dozens of small companies across several industries. Myles also founded ROA Management Group providing financial planning and analysis, tactical planning and internal control solutions for companies including ANC Rental, Choice Courier, and Kinney Parking. Myles worked for Budget Rent-A-Car System, Inc. and began his career at Hertz Rent-A-Car.

Myles holds a BA in Accounting from Saint John’s University.

Matt Lepkowski – Co-Founder

Matt is a technology executive with over 20 years of experience implementing management information and content management systems. Matt specializes in office automation technologies and has advised companies in healthcare, manufacturing, food service and several other industries. Matt serves as interim and/or part-time CTO.

Prior to Lcube, Matt founded Business Automation Experts, LLC providing clients in healthcare, pharmaceutical, food service and other industries content management and technology integration solutions. Prior to Business Automation Experts, LLC, Matt was the Director of Sales and Marketing for Right Decision Systems (RDS). Prior to RDS, Matt was the CTO of Total Repair Express, LLC.

Matt has an MBA from New York University and received a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Kettering University. Matt began his career at Irvin Automotive.

Philippe Liautaud – Co-Founder

Philippe has over 25 years of experience in finance advising companies in information, health care and business services on profitability enhancement, process improvements and back office automation. Philippe serves as interim and/or part-time CFO.

Prior to Lcube, Philippe co-founded Velaux Technology LLC, a company developing accounting automation software. Philippe served as a finance consultant at Tyto Group. Philippe served as the CFO of Coleman Research Group, LLC. Prior to Coleman, Philippe was the CFO of several business units of Standard & Poor’s. Philippe worked at Comcast and began his career at Deloitte.

Philippe holds an MBA from New York University and graduated from Queens College with a BA in Accounting. Philippe is a CPA licensed in New York.